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Colette’s clients speak about how Bowen has helped them

I have had great success in working with Collette. She is extremely well versed, informative, sensitive, and most importantly in touch with what a body needs to heal. In recovering an intensive surgery I hit a wall with agonizing back pain from the demands in positioning my body underwent while under anesthesia. My doctor (who was in Phoenix..) said to go to ER. I called Collette instead. I did not go to ER that night. Collette listened to me and worked gently with my body. Over a series of 3 treatments along with sage wisdom about how to nudge my spine back into alignment by supporting it’s natural curves while sleeping, etc. my body is healing from trauma. I highly recommend Bowen in the hands of Collette!


I have been seeing Colette monthly now for a couple of years. I really enjoy the style of Bowen work she offers to the community. She also has a background in Feldenkrais and I find the knowledge and expertise she combines with these 2 modalities is not only very well rounded but also adds another dimension to her work. She has been so helpful to me with my issues in so many ways. She is able to see the problem from different perspectives and comes up with some very creative suggestions. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her work and is dedicated to helping correct any imbalance I may be having. She is a good listener, communicator and deeply caring person. I highly recommend her sessions if you haven’t experienced them yet.

~S. H., Aesthetician (Receives monthly tune-ups)

I went to Colette with persistent upper back/shoulder pain. Despite a regular regimen of massage and chiropractic, I could not get reliable relief. I found the relief I was looking for after a couple sessions with Colette working her Bowen magic. It still astounds me that such seemingly small movements could yield such large results. I have found if have a maintenance Bowen session about every 3-4 weeks, my 70-year-old body can stay very active and pain-free. I have also learned to see Colette immediately after any type of fall or injury. I highly recommend Listening Touch. You will be in very good hands (literally) with Colette!

~J.B. (Prescott resident and very active woman of a certain age)

I like massage, but Bowen is my favorite thing to do for myself. I still feel it days later.

~S.P. (who comes in for a tune up once a month)

For years I have struggled with physical symptoms that have robbed me of a quality life. I had been through Mayo Clinic and Barrows Neurological Center, both of which came to no conclusive diagnosis. The Doctors just said there were M.S. symptom similarities. I had felt my body deteriorating over these many years and had resigned myself to this existence. Until a friend of mine suggested Colette. I didn’t hold much hope… because by this time I was sure it was M.S.. Before I called for an appointment, I prayed that God would use Colette in my life (and me in her life). I have been blessed with a miracle through Colette’s Healing Hands!!! I am able to feel my feet and my legs again, I can walk without thinking about every step that I take, I can run after my Grandchildren ! I have such renewed Joy for living! I am so thankful that Colette has Listening Hands, because God has used her in a powerful way! With much Appreciation,

~K.K.C. (imbalance, pain in extremities)

A friend had told me about Colette’s Bowen Therapy and I was intrigued, but it wasn’t until I hurt my knee that I made the one and a half hour trip to Prescott to see her. I had always used chiropractic and acupuncture for various health issues, but I now find Bowen to be so gentle, relaxing, and the perfect stimulus for healing. I now see Colette regularly, about once a month, and find that the sessions “fix” many issues, sometimes unknown to me. I find Colette to be extremely knowledgeable. She has even offered tips for me to try at home that have been amazing. I am very thankful to Colette for helping restore my knee so that I am back to my active lifestyle. I am also very excited to attend a Bowen Intro workshop from Colette as I know this experience will enhance my general well-being.”

~L.G. (knee injury)

I have been seeing Colette regularly for over a year now, and besides being pain free now in my chronically painful neck and low back, I am almost completely pain free in my knee.   The medical doctor advised recently that I will need a knee replacement, and the pain was wearing me out enough that I almost believed him. But Colette has been so diligent and tireless with her Bowen work that I am thrilled to say that I am practically pain free (with no pain medication), and I am convinced that my body is on the mend so that a knee replacement will not be in my future. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to say that. Colette has consistently gone the extra mile to create ways to deal with my problems and I am so grateful that she is such a talented and tireless healer! Thank you, Colette!

~D.D. (knee pain)

Colette was recommended to me when I rolled my ankle years ago. She worked on it and also worked on straightening the alignment of my legs. It seemed like “not much happening” at the time, but magic was going on inside. The ankle has been strong ever since. Since then, Colette has helped me with many other injuries that inevitably occur with an active life style. Recently, she helped me figure out the motion that was causing shoulder pain associated with my tennis serve, and we worked on how I could make changes. Colette thinks “outside the box”. She is an excellent uator of body mechanics, and is creative in addressing issues of movement and structure. That really compliments the Bowen Therapy. Through the years, Colette has become a good friend. She is a practitioner who truly cares about her clients, and works hard to improve the quality of their lives.

~B.A. (receives monthly tune-ups)

Since the Spring of 2013, I have been under the care of Colette Claude for Bowen Therapy. After completing one year, I can confidently state that the sessions have greatly enriched my life. I highly recommend her services. I am unable to take any over the counter or prescribed anti-inflammatory medicines due to allergic reactions. Also, all prescribed pain medicines cause severe nausea. Colette is able to relieve both pain and stress.

My body has a number of issues which can cause discomfort. Colette has been able to address each one as they occur. She not only provides relief but does assist in prevention by providing monthly maintenance Bowen Therapy.

Additionally, Colette has helped me through a cancer surgery healing. I truly consider my time and money spent with Colette to be one of the very best things I have ever done for my body. My hope is the people within our area with special needs, such as mine, will try Bowen Therapy with Colette. I know that they will be just as delighted as I am.

~A.S. (frozen shoulder, healing from cancer)

I have worked with Colette for over one year now. I came to her with a shopping list of aches and pains. She is a wonderful listener and records everything in an effort to know each individual and what they are striving for. She works hard to get at the root of the problem and explains why she choses particular Bowen moves to help give you the most relief possible in a body friendly matter. I respect her diagnostic skills and her approach to help the body heal itself without medication.

Colette has a wonderful sense of humor and I enjoy conversing with her. I am sad to hear that some do not share with her what is going on with them. I think this is her greatest tool, to know what the body is struggling with and creating a plan to deal with it. We were both happily surprised when we did a comparison of what my limitations were when I first started compared to six months down the line. The improvement was noteworthy and a true testament to her ability. Her exercise plan that she complements her work with is very valuable if you use it. Thanks to Colette, I am enjoying life more and struggling less with daily pain.

~W.F. (post neck surgery)

As a registered nurse of 28 years, I don’t know how many times I’ve counseled patients in the ER that they’re going to feel worse the next day and even worse the day after that. This is the usual course of events for any type of trauma to the body. But with a Bowen session the day after my big fall, I was deeply surprised at how much better I felt, rather than being more sore and achy. I recommend Bowen as soon as possible after an injury!

~ L. E., Nurse (after falling on her already injured shoulder)

Colette has an amazingly gentle, soothing touch and sensitivity. She has great awareness and knowledge about body structure and innately knows where to apply her magical Bowen moves. Whenever I’m frazzled or have physical discomfort I can count on Colette to quickly bring me back to a deep state of peace and well-being. I’ve never encountered any practitioner using any type of bodywork who leaves me feeling as good as Colette does. You’re missing out if you don’t try Colette’s healing Bowen touch!

~C.W. (Bowenwork practitioner)

I just wanted to thank you so much for putting on the workshop yesterday. It was truly much more than I expected to learn and I know that learning Bowen will be useful in many ways in my life. I’ve been reviewing the Manual and so far I’m pretty clear on the moves we did yesterday, with the possible exception of the the knee moves. But, I have lots of time to learn them. And, fortunately I don’t have to travel to Australia to get some help.

You did a great job of presenting the material, of showing us the moves and then guiding us through them. And, the patience you demonstrated was truly amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, simple art with me.

~J.S. –Attended Colette’s Bowen Intro Workshop _______________________________________________________________________________________

Working with Colette has been incredible. I came in with a lot of instability and pain in my hip and back from an operation to remove a tumor about 10 years ago. She’s a master Bowen therapist and that modality, along with the exercises she’s prescribed, has helped lessen the inflammation and pain and helped me to greater mobility. It’s a way of speaking to the body directly and helping it let go of its tendency to create inflammation.

The thing about Colette is that she calls her business “Listening Touch” and when you’re on her table you do feel that. Her hands “listen”. It’s an amazing experience. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

~R. L.   (adhesions and hip instability after tumor removed)

Bowenwork® is the gentlest bodywork I have undertaken and I have tried just about all that there is to try in Prescott. The movements are gentle and the results are well noted. Colette shares her passion for what she does and her compassion for her clients. I especially like the fact that she keeps notes on her clients, and she appreciates feedback, which makes the client feel a part of the healing.

~ C. W. (Fibromyalgia, adhesions due to endometriosis)

I have been recuperating from a serious illness for the last five years, so I am not an easy client. I am so glad that I’ve found Bowen Therapy and Colette. It is amazing how such a light touch can produce such remarkable results, going deep in the body, releasing and healing. With each treatment, I go deeper and deeper into the healing I need at that time. Bowen is having a cumulative effect over time. My body seems to remember the last session and build from there.

~ J. K., (Crohn’s Disease)

When I came to Colette I was on the verge of having to look for a new career. I spend most of my days on a computer, and I had tremendous shooting pains and numbness in my forearms. A friend recommended Colette. Her determination, commitment to my overall well-being, and thoughtfulness went above and beyond any practitioner I had worked with previously. I felt the difference in my body after the first session and felt more energized after each treatment. It was like my body was going back in time to how it used to feel. Today, I am pain free and enjoying the work I love.

~ K. H., Communications Specialist (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome)

Last year, I was experiencing multiple injuries due to heavy lifting and sporting endeavors. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lumbar area and strained muscles in my shoulder, rotator cuff and bicep. I tried painkillers, topical ointments and muscle relaxants, but to no avail. The back and sciatica pain made playing golf a very unpleasant experience.I felt the only alternative left to try was to attend a religious healing ceremony!

Before I located such a meeting, a neighbor recommended that I meet with Colette Joy Claude at Listening Touch. Within a few weeks of undergoing Bowen Therapy, my disc seems to have retreated into its proper place and I regained full strength and rotation of my arm. I can’t describe how this therapy works, but I can tell you that if you follow the program intently, it does indeed work.

I am now playing the best golf of my life, pain free, and will once again take up the game of tennis. This was a superb solution to my problem.

~ T. P., (herniated disc, sciatica, and shoulder pain)

I am a veterinarian and work in various, sometimes awkward postures with my animal patients all day. I have had varying degrees of pain in my lower back and left leg for five years. Recently, I asked Colette to come to my workplace to help me improve how I move and stand. Colette showed me three things about my way of moving and posturing that were contributing to my problem. I made the changes which Colette recommended, and within 48 hours my discomfort was 80% resolved. I highly recommend Colette’s professional and useful approach. She has really helped me.

~ T. M., Veterinarian (low back and leg pain)

I had suffered for over a year and a half with restless leg syndrome and no real cure from the medical standpoint. My doctor had put me on a narcotic which had some history of relief for some patients. When I found out it was a narcotic (my daughter is a nurse) I immediately weaned myself OFF the medicine.

A friend at work told me about Bowen and I decided I had tried everything else and would give it a shot. I was very skeptical after my first session and couldn’t relax or even lay very still as my legs kept going. I asked Colette if she thought I got anything out of it and she said to wait and see. I went home and told my husband I thought it was a waste of my time, her time and money.

The next day my husband said I didn’t wiggle as much that night and I did actually sleep a little better. Still very restless though. I realized the next day that I did walk straighter and felt lighter. Hard to explain what that felt like. Anyway, I decided to try another session.

By the time I had 3 sessions I was sleeping, feeling better and my restless leg syndrome was almost 100% gone! I had an appointment with my PCP and I told him what I was doing and that I felt better then I had in years and actually felt like I would be able to enjoy life after 65. Now I go just once in a while to get a tune up. Thanks to Bowen I feel alive again and life is great!

~V.K., (restless legs)

Whatever you did yesterday did something for my mind. I’m in a different place now—I can see light outside. I’ve put my music on again. I’m coming back to myself. Thank you for making it easy for me. I’m grateful beyond belief.

~M.V. (depression)

I didn’t expect it to be so profound. 80% of that spot on my back feels released. It really is like a computer that’s been defragged.

~J.L. (immediately after his first appointment)

Just like it balances the body, Bowen gives me the freedom to make more balanced decisions.

~W.B. (who receives regular tune-ups)

I’ve gone to Colette for Bowen Therapy and she’s changed my life. Thanks to her, my back pain (of 30 years) is simply gone. She has helped my sinus headaches go away. She’s helped ease arthritis pain in my hands and feet. And I know this will sound really crazy but she even helped me with my anxiety about flying — I used to fly literally around the world with no problems but in the past 10 years or so have developed claustrophobia that made flying really stressful for me. The thought of hurtling through space in a silver tube used to just drive me to distraction. But she has given me some techniques to help ease my anxiety about flying.

~R.N. (back pain, headaches, anxiety about flying)

Colette Claude has the innate sense of the healer’s touch. Gently and lovingly she leads you back to wholeness.




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"I didn’t expect it to be so profound. 80% of that spot on my back feels released. It really is like a computer that’s been defragged.” ~J.L.

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