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Bowenwork is also known as Bowen Therapy

ccoffice6The fastest way to explain Bowen Therapy is that it triggers the body to do what it alone can do—heal. Your body systems are self regulating and always striving for balance. Brilliantly. Over time, though, inevitable layers of habit, injury, diet, dehydration, and emotional strain can impede the body’s natural intelligence.

What is a session like? It frequently feels like a return to calm and order. Many clients get off the table and say, “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago!” Just today, someone left my office saying, “This could be seriously addicting.” I had to laugh because I completely agree. As difficult as it is to put into words, the felt experience of this work makes it all make sense.

People frequently ask whether this is an “energy technique”. In the sense that everything is energy, the answer is “yes”. However, even though Bowen itself is too new to have big research behind it, scientific studies from around the world support that this style of contacting the body is grounded in basic, observable science.

In Bowen, we stimulate the nervous system to rebalance. This in turn can affect restrictions in the fascial system, reset the resting lengths of muscles, re-hydrate connective tissue, promote efficient visceral function, and balance the autonomic nervous system through an increase in parasympathetic functioning.

For this reason, Bowen sessions can affect everything from your big toe to your digestion, from your lower back to feeling run down. This is a simple technique with profound outcomes. It’s the best I’ve ever encountered.

I’d be happy to discuss your particular situation by phone, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment, please call me at 928-443-0043 or email me.

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“Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

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What clients say…

"I didn’t expect it to be so profound. 80% of that spot on my back feels released. It really is like a computer that’s been defragged.” ~J.L.

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My continuing education is ongoing with an emphasis on Bowen, Anatomy, and Movement coursework.

• Bowenwork Practitioner (2003) and Associate Instructor (2014).
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• Graduate of a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Method Training Program in Bronxville, NY (1998)

• Graduate of NAMTI Massage School in Prescott, AZ(2005)
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