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When you hurt a joint like your shoulder, the first treatment you think of is not Bowen. However, because of the enormous benefits I’ve received as a result of Colette’s Bowen therapy for a number of different problems in the past, I decided to see her for my shoulder.

I felt pretty sure that I’d torn something – labrum, bicep tendon, rotator cuff, SOMETHING that made a pop then caused serious pain. I had already suffered with the severely limited range of motion, constant pain that ran all the way from the shoulder to the wrist, and loss of strength. Colette it is!

Now while I still don’t understand how Bowen really works, I will state unequivocally that it does work for me. VERY well. My first session which was last week, not only completely relaxed me (as it always does), but a few hours later it dawned on me that I wasn’t in the constant pain anymore. Yes, it hurt like the devil when I moved it much, but the constant pain running from shoulder to hand was gone. I thought I was just in a chipper mood. Low and behold I experienced results that fast. So just as Colette advised, I drank lots of water and tried to remember to rest the arm and not use it. This is much harder than you would think when it’s your predominant side. I’m almost helplessly dependent upon my right hand/arm. So aside from forgetting not to use it, I did pretty well during the last week. Oh, and it also helped me to sleep much better, which I desperately needed.

Yesterday was my second session of Bowen where Colette concentrated on the shoulder. If I wasn’t experiencing it for myself, I’d find it hard to believe. It is even better today. I continue to have pain with certain motions if I’m not careful. There is no constant pain..STILL, and now I have better range of motion. Without pain. I’m being very careful with it but the incredible difference after two Bowen sessions is astonishing to me. I slept better again last night. I noticed that after the first few days I was having trouble sleeping again, but usually, when Colette does Bowen on me, it always helps me sleep. Particularly if I come in on a regular basis.

So, because this is not an uncommon injury (whatever mine is), I think I’ll keep posting here so anyone interested can monitor my progress. Again, I can’t say enough for how much better Colette’s Bowen therapy sessions are helping me and as always, I feel blessed to have such a gifted practitioner available!

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